The Pilot Tower building is constructed in line with the requirements of the LEED Certification. The technologies used will win us the highest LEED rank: CS PLATINUM.

On 12th March 2013  project achieved LEED CS Platinum pre-certification.

certyfikat ekologiczny LEED


  • higher work efficiency thanks to the use of environmentally friendly finishing materials, including non-toxic paints and glues;
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle – the Pilot Tower will offer approximately 50 parking spaces for bikes in a secured lot. Shower facilities for bikers will also be available.
  • 6 parking spaces for low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • high work comfort ensured by access to natural sunlight within nearly 100% of the space offered 
  • up to 40% of water savings (fixtures that reduce water consumption; green areas around the building will not require artificial irrigation)
  • up to 25% of energy savings (motion sensor-triggered lighting in toilets and parking lots, full building metering)
  • Up to 30% lower CO2 emissions